Welcome to Potions and Poisons

This is a picture of Bear I took with a Miranda 35mm film camera using Ilford film and printed on silver paper.

Hello all! I am happy to announce that the alt photography classes have begun! Note all the classes are free and are posted to sites that are free. This makes it simple to follow at your own pace. First we start with one of my favourites: cyanotypes.

Cyanotypes are an old type of photographic print characterised by the blue colour of the prints. As described in the videos and posts on Facebook, you will need quite a bit of random stuff. Don’t let this frustrate or scare you. After a while you will realise that you don’t need all the stuff all the time. You may even find that you discovered something really cool that makes the process simpler. I encourage you to share as I and everyone else will appreciate any shortcuts or substitutions. For example, if you don’t want to buy photography pans I don’t blame you. They get expensive and honestly I wouldn’t even have them if I hadn’t been doing photography for so long. I get the cheap disposable ziplock plastic pans when I am not at my home processing prints. They work just as well. Also, the glass rod I use for coating papers, yeah I have used the cheap black sponge paintbrushes with amazing results.

This blog will serve not only as a guide for you during the printing process but as comic relief when you just need a break. As you know from my previous posts, I am not one to get all preachy or condescending.

I will not be going over the same thing on the blog that’s on the videos. I know all too well how incredibly boring and useless that would make this blog. I want these classes to be an interactive experience for both of us so please Tweet, post or pm me at will!

P.S. Here is a link to the first video.

P.P.S. No worries, April will be around to supervise and open wine so the classes don’t get too boring.

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