Another rainy day

Freyja enjoying her new kennel.

So, this week was a big bust as far as trying to print. It rained and stormed all week. This was terrible not only because I could not print and do the proposed live showing of the class but because the weather inflamed my allergies. My skin was itching as if i had been bitten by 1000 fire ants.

During a phone call to my doctor on Wednesday, April calls. “Hey, you have any of the Niagara left in your fridge?”

Ok, now my eyes roll in my head and I wonder why this woman needs a bottle of the good stuff at 0830 in the morning.

“Yeah, there’s about three left. You need me to bring one today?”

April sighs loudly and replies, “Yes. The FedEx man just stopped by.”

Now I am used to April’s exaggerated pauses but because I am really ready to skin myself since the Benadryl hasn’t kicked in yet I decide to hurry the conversation along.

“Was something broken in the box? What’s happening, woman?”

April again sighs then continues the morning’s news. “Rachel, this is important. I go out to collect whatever he dropped and he’s backing away from the porch shaking his head and looking at me like I don’t have the right to live in this neighbourhood. I thank him as I always do then pick up the package.”

Still wondering why this is requiring a bottle of wine, I press her to get to it. “April! What the hell? Use your words, woman!”

April sighs and asks me if I had had a cup of coffee and suggests I get one before she continues.

“There is a puppy on my porch.”

My eyes immediately roll into the back of my head. “April, take it to the pound.”

“Rachel, ” another sigh, “I will, but she is so pretty! She’s a pure breed German Shepard about 4 months old. She is so pretty. She must belong to someone!”

Uh- oh. German Shepard? I already know where this is going. “Woman, I don’t want another animal.”

“But Rogan has always wanted a German Shepard puppy! And its a female! You know he would love her! Just ask him!”

At this point, this’s Benadryl is kicking in and the bath I am running is almost ready for the oatmeal and me to slip in. I tell her I will take the puppy if she can prove that the animal doesn’t have an owner.

Well, its Saturday and guess who has a new puppy?

So after I write this I will be vacuuming and moping up even more hair so I can prep the paper and chemicals in a hair free environment for next week.

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