Planning a trip

I, like many of you, will be going on holiday this summer. Of course, mine will also be a working holiday! I will be taking the class to the UK with me, we will print some images from there and will start a new type of alternative process: salt printing!

Of course you are all thinking, “Rachel! How am I ever going to take all this stuff with me? That would be too much trouble!” Hold on folks!!! I got you! During July you will watch me prepare and use different hacks and tricks anyone can while away from their laboratory.

I will first prepare some paper coated for cyanotypes for travel. When you want to take pre-coated paper with you, just know that as long as it is kept in a light tight, moisture proof case which can be kept at stable temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees, you should be good. I just put each piece inside a document sleeve then inside a envelope light proof envelope. Once it get to where I’m going, I leave it in a closet or drawer that I am sure won’t be open. To process the cyanotypes, I will use some cheap plastic containers to hold the water baths and fixer. These can be found at almost any Dollar General or Walmart. Also, I know I can get hydrogen peroxide at the same place I purchase the plastic containers.

I will be able to make negatives at my friend’s or family’s house or a print and ship place like UPS or Fed-Ex. They are always willing to help and if you bring your own paper or film, they will usually print for you for little or no cost!

If this still seems like too much work, keep watching! I’m sure you will be excited to take some papers with you!

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