Why So Many?

These test prints are Michael, my amazing, most wonderful son-in-law, who lovingly refers to me as “The Mongoose.”

Uggghhhhh….. Waiting for paper to dry has got to be the most boring part of salt prints. I will be so happy to be able to print tomorrow and see if all this was worth it. In the meantime, I’m sure you have noticed all the cyanotypes we’ve been doing and have been wondering why in there world we are still looking at such brilliant, cerulean blue prints. Well, it’s for a couple reasons. First, when you are travelling you will not be in your own laboratory with all your cool stuff. You have to learn to wing it. For example, during some of the videos this week I have used random objects in place of my usual equipment: eye drop bottle in place of eye dropper, cheap plastic food trays instead of photography lab trays. So due to all the innovations you’ve made, it would be wise to do your first prints in cyanotype so you don’t waste chemicals of a new process and can adjust your process, equipment or impromptu laboratory choices.

Second, it’s cheap. Period. I can easily coat a pile of paper and have it ready to go wherever I might want to venture. So I can easily test the density of the negatives to the strength and duration of the sunlight.

Another tip: You really don’t need a print frame while abroad. If you can find a cheap clipboard, you have your lithographer’s tape and have multiples of your negatives (trust me, Mother Nature WILL destroy them), you can do without the extra weight.

Time for me to prep more paper for the salt prints.

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