That Salt Life

The sunflowers were the sides of dinner plates!

This week you learned about salt prints and I remembered why I dislike dealing with this process. It’s so sensitive and unpredictable it works my nerves. The third day I was ready to skip this process and move on to Van Dyke but I wouldn’t to that to you and I had already invested too much time not to finish most of the chemicals. I mean it’s not like I can take it back with me (definitely not airport friendly).

By the second day of printing, I realise that I do like the way the prints are turning out. Another thing I remember is that salt prints tend to change over time so the colour will be different from the first hour, day and again a week later. They are not as archival as cyanotypes, but if its done correctly the print will be a beautiful piece of art. I always suggest students choose two to have framed so they can observer the changes of the print over time and to remember how much of a pain this process is.

Today we went to the lavender field and got a pile of lavender ands sunflowers. The whole farm smells like the cleanest place on earth. I was surprised to see how large the lavender grows. Each plant was about a meter across and tall and swarming with bees. Last time I was here, I got stung straight away. Today there are so many people so I think the bees must have been at brunch. This week we’re going to Wales to one of the most famous castles in Europe. Since it sits on the water, I am hoping for amazing shots.

Since we have so much paper already coated, when we come back from Wales we will make more negatives and print some photos from that trip. I want everyone to remember when they go on holiday, to enjoy the place where you are. Don’t look through the lens 24/7! In fact, I challenge you to not even take a photo on your phone for a whole day. Just take in the simple things like the rolling hills or odd license plates. I will be drinking Pims – we will go over that recipe before the end of summer.

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